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Looking Beyond mere Business:

To invent and innovate. To experiment and expand. To move ahead from strength to strength - are the ethos, which drives us. Vision for us - is not about what we plan to do. Rather it encompasses what we are doing in the present and how that will shape the future.

Providing value to our customer
Earning a reasonable return on our delivered value
Improving the standard of living and quality of our life within the circle of our influence
A strong legacy of achievement, reliability, distinction and commitment to our customer's interests.
Adaptability to change, while maintaining our basic values and original purpose.
Adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity.
Work safely and remain responsive to environmental principles.
Make continuous improvement an integral part of the way we operate.
Attract, develop, motivate and retain highly competent, committed and creative people.
Promote from within as much and as early as possible.
Respond to our rapidly changing world with entrepreneurial approaches, innovative solutions, advanced technology and high quality, timely decision making.
Reward those contributing to our success.



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